I completed my training as a Biblical counselor in 2006 and continue to attend training events to keep that training fresh. I have used this training in various ways including counseling, teaching and ministering to others. I am passionate about showing others how to apply scripture to their lives. I had been to several different counselors in my life none of whom could answer for me why I was the way I was. I knew what I was doing was wrong, I knew I should change it but I didn’t know how or why I should care to change. I knew I was missing a key link to what I heard about God and how it related to me. In my training I learned how the gospel fits into my everyday life. Building off the foundation of the gospel I was able to answer my deep need for God. The scriptures became relevant for me in every area of my life not just when I prayed or needed advice or when I needed comfort. It became real as an everyday, every moment all encompassing, way to live. I can live life full of expectation and hope now. This is what I want for everyone. I lived far too long as hopeless. I now expect to see God at work in me and through me for His good purpose.

  • Graduated from Mt. Carmel Ministries Biblical Counseling Course 2006
  • Counseling since 2007
  • Teaching core Biblical change classes 2010-2014, 2016
  • Completed online courses in Biblical counseling training 2016-2017
  • Attend Biblical counseling training conferences for continued education